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Welcome to I DOT Service. We offer a Safe, Trusted, & Fast service with over 1500 clients stretching across the Globe. We are a team of professional coders that have been doing this for years now, so leave behind any doubt & if you have additional questions, please review our FAQ at the top of the page. If after that you still have questions, you can chat with us directly. Come back often as we offer Special/Limited time offers as well! So, what are you waiting for? Register now to get your FREE 10K RED GEMS!

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In need of Red Gems? Of course, you are! Anyone who plays the game needs them as they are the main currency! Trying to level up troops, or build that Asgardian Hall, or need a refill on Food & Gold, buy a pack of Red Gems to speed your way through those annoying wait times!

Combination Packages

Looking for that 1 stop shopping experience & wish to combine items like Gems & Titan Leveling? Great news, we compiled some convenient packages that combine them to make you a destroyer on the battlefield.


It’s completely safe, buy with confidence! We guarantee 100% no banning from the game. However, there are some rules that You must follow after your first PAID order.

So what are you waiting for? To Register & test us out with your FREE 10K RED GEMS!!


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