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Tailed Demon Slayer - iOS & Android

In Tailed Demon Slayer, we provide services for gold, relic pieces, all upgrades and level-ups, and summoning for both iOS and Android devices.

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Free Sample For All Games
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To find out what free sample you will receive for your game, click here.We provide a free sample (test) for all games that we support on our platform with this package. The free sample that we provide varies depending on the game. It's usually in-game currency. To find out what free sample you ..
With the 20,000 special keys included in this package, you can summon one-of-a-kind monsters...
With this package, you'll receive a 24K skill upgrade stone, enabling you to level up your skills...
This package will get you 28x Golden Fairy Cage Summons, Draws, or Pulls from the summon shop, which allow you to get random class (C to SS) fairies...
With this package, you'll receive 4300x Relic Pieces, allowing you to upgrade your Relics...
This package will get you 45x Equipment Summons, Draws, or Pulls from the summon shop, which allows you to get random (C to SS class) equipment...
This package will get you a 5500x Equipment Level-Up Scroll, which allows you to upgrade your equipment...
You'll receive 7M Gold in Tailed Demon Slayer with this package...
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