Hello Titans,

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting our team for quite some time, although we did our best to deliver orders as soon as possible. Still, we feel like we are struggling.

Therefore, we wanted to highlight a few things so you could help us deliver your orders faster than ever!

We ask you to please follow these observations:

  • LIVE CHAT: Don't use Live Chat to let us know that you have placed a new order. Rest assured, once you (place/pay for) your order, it automatically goes into our Queue list, which we already see.

  • LIVE CHAT: Don't use Live Chat for ETA as we already have a Queue list to follow. Rest assured, we value your time very much. Please respect ours as asking for ETA is slowing us down.

  • LIVE CHAT: Don't ask unnecessary questions. Example (Can I place my order now? — What is my order status? — Is the service online? — Are you busy?) Please understand that we have Business Hours and Status page and Order History page that already has real-time(Live) answers to your questions.

  • Game: Don't log in to the game while processing your order as it results in us being kicked out, and we have to start over. Please put in mind. We offer a real-time(Live) order status to have access to it using this Link: Order History page. We also are sending real-time(Live) Emails that include your order status.

Please make sure you keep the game closed when you see the “Processing (Keep DOT App Closed)” order status and only log in to your game profile when you see the “Completed (Log-in)” status.

With that being said, please understand that logging in while we are processing your order will result in us putting your order at the end of the queue list, which will result in a long wait time for your order to be processed again.

Note: You can still play as long as you see the "Payment Completed (Queue)" order status. However, you need to close the game as soon as you see "Processing (Keep DOT App Closed)".

We appreciate your support. We wanted to reduce the hassle and wait time to deliver your order faster, so you could have more fun playing than waiting.

Thank you and have a nice day.

IDOTService Team.