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Armory upgrades (LVL-up) — DOMINATIONS

Armory upgrades (LVL-up) — DOMINATIONS
Armory upgrades (LVL-up) — DOMINATIONS

Armory upgrades (LVL-up) — DOMINATIONS mod hack

This package will upgrade one armory section of your choice to the maximum level allowed (for example, the Generals armory section; choosing this option from the list below will upgrade the Generals section to the maximum LVL allowed). Remember that the current levels of your buildings will determine the maximum level to which we can upgrade the chosen armory section, so make sure to upgrade them to the desired level of the armory section you want us to upgrade for you.

*Requirements for us to provide this product:

If you are playing on an Android device, it is necessary to link your game profile to an Apple ID for us to provide the service for this game. Please create an Apple ID using the provided link ("Create an Apple ID). Once you have created your Apple ID, please enter it in the text box below. Then, contact us via live chat and provide us with the linking ID from your game settings. That is all you need to do. We will work on your order once these steps have been completed. This is a one-time process and will not be required for future orders. However, you will need to provide us with the same Apple ID you created for future orders.

If you are playing on an iOS device, you won't have to go through the steps above. Please provide your GameCenter (iOS) account login details (email and password) in the text box below.

Armory upgrades (LVL-up) — DOMINATIONS hack

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