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The Wolf: Online RPG - iOS & Android

Explore the amazing environment with our friends, We offer skin unlocking, attribute points, and skill upgrading.

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Free Sample For All Games
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To find out what free sample you will receive for your game, click here.We provide a free sample (test) for all games that we support on our platform with this package. The free sample that we provide varies depending on the game. It's usually in-game currency. To find out what free sample you ..
This package includes three unlocked wolf skins of your choice. The skins you want must be unlocked and purchasable; we can only add skins based on your game profile level.Type the skin names in the text box below.*Requirements for us to provide this product:Please provide your "The Wolf" accou..
This package includes four skills of your choice upgraded to the max. Please type the four skill names that you want upgraded in the text box below.Please keep in mind that the skills you select must be unlocked in accordance with your level requirements; we cannot unlock a locked skill that require..
Attribute Points — The Wolf Online RPG
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This package contains 60 attribute points for health, defense, attack, and speed. However, using the drop-down menu below, you can calculate how many attribute points you need for each option. This package is for the Wolf Online RPG game.*Requirements for us to provide this product:Please provi..
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