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Hunt Royale Maxed Accounts — (Mythic Gear, All Hunters, Power Stones)

Hunt Royale Maxed Account — (Mythic Gear, All Hunters, Power Stones)
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Hunt Royale Maxed Accounts — (Mythic Gear, All Hunters, Power Stones)

Hunt Royale Maxed Accounts — (Mythic Gear, All Hunters, Power Stones) android cheat

Only available for iOS, With the aid of this package, you will get a fully loaded Hunt Royale account that you can customize using the choices below.

All hunters will be unlocked and awakened on this account, as well as all hunter skins and permanent abilities, a full set of mythic gear, a premium pass and subscriptions, 1K gems, and a full set of level 6 power stones (1 of each color). You may modify some of these options by using the drop-down menu below.

Please be aware:

Make sure to select as many power stones and mythic gears as possible from the options menu below, as those options will be unavailable after purchasing the maxed account.

There won't be many trophies on this account; trophies must be obtained through gameplay.


Will I get banned from the game with this account?

No. The account you're buying will have a no-ban guarantee. Keep in mind that these game profiles have a 24-hour playtime, which is live proof that it's safe to play with them. (Watch the account example video below to confirm the play-time.)

We also provide a backup system for these maxed-out accounts; if something goes wrong, we will restore the game profile to the previous day.

Which platform can this account be played on?

Only the iOS platform is supported. If you want to enjoy this account on an Android device, you must first complete the transfer on an iOS device. After purchasing this account, you'll need to speak with game support to transfer your new gaming profile from iOS to Android. This means that in order to access the new game profile you bought from us and ask for it to be transferred to Android via in-game support, you'll need an iOS smartphone.

Please contact in order to make the switch from iOS to Android.

What must you do to obtain this account?

You can use the Game Center account that already exists on your device, even if it's already linked to your main Hunt Royale game profile.

If you want to use your current Game Center account, please enter your current Game Center account information, email address, and password in the text boxes below.

However, we recommend that you create a new Game Center account for the new maxed-out account you purchase from us so that you can have two game profiles (your current game profile and the new maxed-out game profile you are buying right now). Don't worry; using the Game Center app on your device, you can easily switch between the two profiles.

How do you create a new Game Center account?

1. Please create a new Game Center (Apple ID) account using this link.

2. Please fill out the boxes below using your newly formed Game Center (Apple ID) account.

You're set! We will attach the game profile to your newly formed Game Center (Apple ID) account.

If you're using the new Game Center account method: After we provide you the game profile, please go to the Game Center app, tap Sign Out from your previous Game Center, and then set Game Center ON. Enter your newly created Game Center account. When you finish this step, log in to your game, and you will see your new maxed-out game profile. To return to your previous Game Center profile, repeat this step with your old Game Center account information.

Here is an example of what the account will look like:

Hunt Royale Maxed Accounts — (Mythic Gear, All Hunters, Power Stones) hack

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